What is Babu88 Casino?

  • Last Updated: 12 Jul, 2024
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Babu88 is a casino in Bangladesh. Since, its foundation back in 2010, babu88 is known as the top know gaming platform. We are the casino where you can enjoy the casino games without coming to the casino. Our flexible games include, live games, sports betting, slot games, and many more. MGA licensing ensure that we are completely one of the safest casinos.

What’s Latest? - New Arrivals at Babu88 Casino!



Number of games

500+ online games

Casino Offers

Welcome Bonus, Cash back, etc.

Live Casino Games




Deposit methods

UPI, Bank Transfer

Mobile App

Ios and Android


Bangla, English, Hindi

*We Provide support through Live Chat, Email, Phone

Benefits of Babu88 Casino – Why?

Babu88 casino is known for its high-tech casino gaming themes and many more features. Let’s take a look at some our perks –

  1. More than 500 casino games to play
  2. Huge gaming Rewards/Bonuses
  3. Welcome Rewards
  4. 100% Safe: Licensed by MGA
  5. Guarantee of No Fraud! No Scam!
  6. Mobile app for both Ios and android users completely safe
  7. Live gaming results
  8. 24*7 Support of the expert players

Download Babu88 Bangladesh – Ios & Android

Enjoy playing the casino games by downloading Babu88 Bangladesh casino games. Get easy to access gaming adventure at our ios and android app on your devices. Babu88 is the ultimate destination for your unlimited fun and entertainment. Stay connected to experience the new heights of the casino games.

babu 88 sign up: Step-By-Step Guide To register

Joining Babu88 is simple. Check below-

  1. Just go to the website, press the sign-up tab
  2. Enter your details including a working email address and password.
  3. Follow the verification process
  4. Now enjoy whatever Babu88 has to offer.

Join Babu88 - Online Casino Bangladesh!

babu88.com login: Join Us With Unique ID and Password

Once you have signed in, go to Babu88 and log in using your ID and password. Make sure that your login details are confidential and do not disclose them to anyone at all. Once you are logged in, you will find a wide range of Games, Betting options and many more.

Guide To Bet at Babu88 Casino

A wide range of casino games to put your money on is provided by Babu88. The section that contains the casino has to be opened, after which you have to choose a game and set your bet so that the game starts. Bet only what you can afford and play responsibly.

Babu88 license and regulations

Babu88 is bound by tight licensing and rules to provide a secure and equal gaming system. It adheres to the sector’s norm, which makes sure that gamers feel safe knowing their security and fair gameplay are guaranteed. For more information about licensing and regulatory compliance visit the site.

New Users Welcome Bonuses 2024

By 2024, Babu88 has a great welcome bonus for new users. Players get good bonuses after sign up and make first deposits. The incentives may be in form of free spins, bonus credits or match bonuses thus become more attractive to the newbies who wish to know what else Babu88 offers.

Online Betting On Popular Sports Games – Bangladesh

Experience breath-taking online betting on popular sports games in Bangladesh. Cricket, Football, eSports, Baseball and Kabaddi are the games to place your bet with Babu88 for an engaging and joyous gaming experience.

Football Bet

Go through the excitement of football betting at Babu 88. Every football game has its prediction market. Thus, there are rates for both international games (such as the World Cup) and domestic ones (like Major League Soccer). Fans worldwide enjoy live updates and varied bets at Babu88 for their football wagers.

Baseball Bet

Discover the thrill in baseball betting at Babu88. E that are action-packed as you predict game endings, player performances et cetera. With competitive odds and an easy to use interface, Babu88 is a great place for any baseball fans who want to make bets.

Babu88 Live Casino Games in Bangladesh

Bangladesh can enjoy live casino games from Babu88 that include classics such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Join the excitement of playing real-time games with professional dealers giving a genuine casino feel.


Enjoy the excitement of Roulette on Babu88. You can bet on red or black, odd or even numbers, and then spin the wheel to know.    


‚Äč Play against the dealer and try to get that 21 at Babu88.  At Babu88, we have various versions of this game which makes it enjoyable by all players with smooth gameplay.  


At Babu88, you can experience the luxury of baccarat. The cards are dealt and the winner is determined by whether a player, banker or tie was bet on. The rules are simple, yet the game itself is elegant and refined; it is this charm that lovers of baccarat will find fascinating at Babu88.

Babu88 VIP Casino Players

Become a VIP player at Babu88 and gain access to exclusive privileges. Your betting limits will be increased, you will have personalized services, and promotions that are designed to improve your gaming experience. Babu88 appreciates its VIP players through the provision of VIP rewards as well as exceptional treatment which promises a luxurious casino experience.

Adherence to Responsible Gaming:

Babu88 is committed towards responsible gambling practices. Tools and resources on the site are integrated strictly in line with industry guidelines that ensure players can gamble responsibly. Babu88 prioritizes player safety and security, from deposit limits to self-exclusion options.

*NOTE - Games are only available to players above 18 years old!

24/7 Customer Support for Casino Players:

Casino players can access assistance from Babu88 throughout the day. Should you need more details about games, payments or account-related questions; there is always a support team available at Babu88’s dedicated support staff who are ready to help you out. With quick responses from a reliable customer service team, Babu88 helps in making all players’ gaming experiences smooth and enjoyable ones.


How to create babu88 profile?

To register an account on Babu88, visit their website; click the “sign up” link; provide your details; confirm your email address; pick a username and password then complete the registration process to create your profile.

Is Babu88 casino app Free?

Yes, you can download and use the free casino app offered by Babu88. This allows you to access numerous games as well as other features.